Obamacare “Do You Qualify” Flow Chart

obamacare is dividing the united states

(We just  posted a copy of the 21 page Obamacare Insurance Application form)

Posted by Sarah Kliff on March 20, 2013 at 9:26 am:  Consumer advocates and Wonkblog commenters had similar questions: Why on earth would the federal government create such a complex form to obtain a public benefit?

obamacare qualifying flowchart small 300x225 Obamacare Do You Qualify Flow Chart


For me, at least, the flowchart below provides a bit of an answer. It comes from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, which represents the regulators who oversee each state’s insurance market. It is an attempt to draw up the most basic, simple questions to determine eligibility for insurance subsidies or Medicaid.

You don’t have to spend much time with the chart to get that, it’s really not simple at all. (click here for a larger version).


It can take as many as six questions just to determine an individual’s ability to buy insurance. An eight-question chain sorts out eligibility to eschew employer coverage and buy an individual plan with a tax credit instead.

In a way, this is a natural extension of the law’s structure. The Affordable Care Act grows two different insurance programs, Medicaid and the individual market. Information on income levels is needed to figure out who qualifies for which one.

The Obama administration isn’t collecting 21 pages of information for its own entertainment. It’s collecting 21 pages of information to figure out where people land on this flowchart.


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6 Responses to “Obamacare “Do You Qualify” Flow Chart”

  1. I make approximately $9,000.00 per year. I was informed that I do not qualify for Obama Care Health Insurance. Is this correct? If not, what must my annual salary be for me to qualify. I was informed to get my annual salary up to at least $12,000 per year and then I could apply for Obama care. Is this correct information.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for making this simple. i already have medicaid and medicare and its expanded. my dr. is David Clay at Fayetteville Diagnostic
    clinic and I dont feel like I need to change. I wanted to make double sure I was signed up so their wouldnt be a problem. I didnt recieve one word in the mail. I was so suprised. thank you and have a great day.

  3. Molly says:

    What I’m finding out is that most of the “Marketplace” options will cost approximately $200 – $600 per month depending on which plan you choose and depending on whether or not your income qualifies you for tax credits.

    If you make less than $15,500 (like me because I lost my job) you’ll be placed in a Medicare/Medi-Cal plan which is NOT what I want but at least I’ll have coverage until finding a new job and won’t have to pay the penalty.

  4. Tracey says:

    Wow, Denni. I too will be taking the penalty because this stupid ObamaBullCrap says I qualify for NOTHING even though I’m unemployed so they are forcing me to take the penalty. I guess making people take the penalty is how they are going to fund this idiotic healthcare fraud.

  5. Denni says:

    Just got my letter fom BCBS. My monthly payment goes from $200 to $ 1100. I’m electing to go with the penalty. My health insurance is now instantly unaffordable.


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