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1,231 Reasons Why ObamaCare is Unworkable

The Obama Administration has been granting waivers exempting certain businesses and organizations from key components of ObamaCare for over a year.

When we first alerted you, the Obama Administration had granted 30 waivers to Obama’s signature legislation, including to some of its biggest political supporters. Now, the situation has gotten worse, much worse. Of the 1,327 waiver applications that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) received, it granted 1,231 waivers or nearly 93%. Nearly 4 million Americans are now covered by these waivers – effectively opting them out of key provisions of ObamaCare.

What’s more, a large majority of the waivers granted by the Obama Administration went to organizations and big labor unions that not only supported Obama’s campaign for president but also actively campaigned for making ObamaCare the law of the land. Why should those who lobbied for ObamaCare be exempt from some of its key provisions?

For example, since June, the Obama Administration gave big labor unions waivers that covered over half a million workers. However, during that same time period, private employers were only granted waivers covering less than 70,000 of their employees.

In fact, of the waivers that were initially denied, one-third were then approved when the organization reapplied. Again, an overwhelming majority of those waivers granted the second time around went to labor unions.

The sheer number of ObamaCare waivers and who they went to shows that ObamaCare doesn’t work, isn’t working, and won’t work. Remember the CLASS Act that was supposed to provide long-term care insurance? The Obama Administration was forced to scrap it a couple of months ago because it was just unworkable.

While the examples of why this law is a total failure abound, the fact of the matter remains that ObamaCare and its individual mandate – forcing all Americans to buy a particular good or service, health insurance – is unconstitutional and must be struck down by the Supreme Court. The ACLJ recently filed our amicus brief representing nearly one-third of Congress and over 100,000 Americans, urging the Supreme Court to do just that when it takes up the landmark case later this year.

Regardless of whether these waivers exemplify political favoritism or are just evidence of a failed law, it is clear that ObamaCare must go.
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Matthew Clark