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ACA News


In Top Journal, Obamacare Boosters Push ‘Global Spending Target’ (rationing)

Pajamas Media September 6, 2012 In Top Journal, Obamacare Boosters Push ‘Global Spending Target’ Which is the very definition of “rationing,” the word they aren’t supposed to say. Paul Hsieh Free-market economists have long known that “controls breed controls.” In health care, leading Obamacare supporters are now proposing unprecedented new government controls [1] over all medical spending — private as ... Read Full Article ›


ObamaCare and Laptop Medicine

American Thinker ObamaCare and Laptop Medicine We’re speeding toward a future where you’ll have a closer relationship with your doctor’s computer than with the doctor himself. And it’s not pretty. Charles Battig The era of laptop medicine is now upon us. Rather, make that laptop-computer medicine. Visit your physician, and odds are that he will enter the examining room with ... Read Full Article ›


More Obamacare Fiction

National Review – The Corner August 25, 2012 More Obamacare Fiction Grace-Marie Turner President Obama said during his weekly radio address today that he wanted to share “some actual facts” about “a lot of accusations and misinformation flying around” about Medicare. Let’s look at the “facts” that he highlights in his address: “We’ve extended the life of Medicare by almost ... Read Full Article ›


The Wal-Mart effect Comes to Healthcare

Investor’s Business Daily August 27, 2012 The Wal-Mart Effect Comes To Health Care Health Care: Giant discounter Wal-Mart says it will soon offer vaccinations for a wide variety of ailments. Can the “Wal-Mart Effect,” which has helped slash U.S. inflation, do the same thing for soaring health care costs? Everyone knows Wal-Mart has been a positive influence on inflation. A ... Read Full Article ›


Obamacare Changed Everything

National Review – The Corner August 13, 2012 Yuval Levin Watching some of the Sunday shows yesterday and reading the usual suspects online, I was struck by how even knowledgeable liberals still do not understand what Obamacare has done to them. They have a sense that health care is no longer a good issue for them, that it might have ... Read Full Article ›


Michelle Obama: If You Elect Mitt Women Will Die From Cancer

Gateway Pundit August 13, 2012 Michelle Obama: If You Elect Mitt Women Will Die From Cancer First Lady Michelle Obama told supporters tonight at a fundraiser that if you elect Mitt Romney women will die from cancer. Flashback: In 2009 twenty states cut funding for mammogram screenings for low income women after a government task force made recommendations that women ... Read Full Article ›


The New Face of Health Care — the IRS

The American Spectator August 17, 2012 Obamacare has its enforcer in place and ready to roll. Peter Ferrara When President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, aka “Obamacare”) goes fully into effect in 2014, the American people will only then begin to see the implications of its thorough government takeover of health care, in all its glory. But ... Read Full Article ›


How Obamacare Gutted Medicare

The American Spectator April 23, 2010 CMS Actuary Finds ObamaCare Bends Cost Curve Up Philip Klein The chief actuary for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services, has released a report showing that the new national health care law will increase health care spending in the United States beyond already ... Read Full Article ›


Will Obamacare Raise the Price of Your Pizza?

Editor’s note: Dr. Aaron E. Carroll is an associate professor of pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine and the director of the university’s Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research. He blogs about health policy at the Incidental Economist. (CNN) — Last week, John Schnatter, the founder and CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, announced that the Affordable Care ... Read Full Article ›


RomneyCare 2.0: Massachusetts moves to dictate medical care.

Wall Street Journal August 6, 2012 ObamaCare’s illusions are starting to fall like autumn leaves, even among some liberals, and what they’re discovering are things that have happened over and over again in Massachusetts. Beacon Hill “reformed” health care four years before Capitol Hill, and ever since it has reliably predicted the national trend—on surging costs, price controls, physician shortages ... Read Full Article ›


The Supreme Court May Have Saved Lives

The American Spectator August 6, 2012 The most underreported story of the summer. John C. Goodman Here’s the most underreported story of the summer. When the Supreme Court ruled on the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) it inadvertently liberated millions of people who were going to be forced into Medicaid. Now they will have the opportunity to have private health insurance ... Read Full Article ›


A Supreme Win for Women: The Crucial Benefits of Obamacare

by Jessica Arons Jun 28, 2012 7:00 PM EDT Thanks to Obamacare, women can’t be charged 150 percent more than men for insurance, can’t be penalized for having had a C-section—and can count birth control as preventive care. Women have much to celebrate in today’s historic Supreme Court ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act—starting with the fact that it means ... Read Full Article ›


ObamaCare is Already Proving to be Unworkable in States Practice.

Wall Street Journal July 31, 2012 ‘Exchange’ for the Worst   Democrats promised that health-care reform would be a smooth exercise in expert planning, but so far its “implementation” has been as anarchic and improvisational as the Affordable Care Act’s passage. Yet amid the mayhem, there’s a chance to mitigate some of the damage. On the ever-lengthening fiasco list, the ... Read Full Article ›


How Congress will put its new taxing powers to good Democratic use.

The American Spectator July 30, 2012 The Obamacare Decision and Its Electoral Consequences How Congress will put its new taxing powers to good Democratic use. Jack Park How would you like our federal government to tell you to install new energy-efficient windows or make your next new car a Volt? The Obamacare opinion gives Congress a roadmap to do precisely ... Read Full Article ›


Rep. Schakowsky ‘Unaware’ Obamacare Reg Requires Offering Free Sterilization to Teens

Elizabeth Harrington ( – Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D.-Ill.) said she was “unaware” that the preventive services regulation that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has issued under the Obamacare law requires health care plans to offer free sterilizations to girls as young as their teens. However, back in March, Schakowsky did acknowledge that the mandate offers sterilizations free of ... Read Full Article ›


Obamacare Falls Short of Promises to Uninsured

The Heritage Foundation July 25, 2012 Amy Payne Two new reports out yesterday continue to knock down President Obama’s promises about Obamacare: his “If you like your plan, you can keep it,” and the promise to significantly shrink the ranks of the uninsured. According to a new study from consulting firm Deloitte, almost one of out of 10 employers said ... Read Full Article ›


CBO: Obamacare to Cover Millions Fewer Than Before Supreme Court Decision

The Heritage Foundation July 24, 2012 Kathryn Nix Earlier today, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released an updated cost estimate for Obamacare that showed that the law will cost less over 10 years than last predicted—because fewer people will be covered. Now, although Obamacare spends more than $1 trillion, CBO predicts it will leave 30 million Americans uninsured, falling far ... Read Full Article ›


Could ObamaCare Make The Uninsured Problem Worse?

Investor’s Business Daily JOHN MERLINE When President Obama was selling health reform, he often talked about providing universal coverage. But a Congressional Budget Office report out this week finds that goal getting more elusive. The report found that despite ObamaCare’s $1.2 trillion price tag, it would only cut the ranks of the uninsured in half, leaving 30 million without coverage. ... Read Full Article ›


The IRS Illegally Expands Obamacare Tax Credits

The American Spectator July 23, 2012 David Catron Recently I wrote that the states could kill Obamacare by refusing to implement its insurance exchanges. This strategy would be effective because the survival of PPACA depends on the ability of Beltway bureaucrats to dole out its tax credits and subsidies, but the law stipulates that all such assistance must be dispensed ... Read Full Article ›


FTC Warns of Consumer Scam Involving SCOTUS Obamacare Ruling

Pajamas Media July 15, 2012 I’ve gotten a couple email scams on this already, but the FTC is warning about scammers soliciting your personal information over the phone. You might think it impossible that anyone would fall for a scam like this, but thousands will. Most of the victims are the elderly, but others are trapped as well. Suffice it ... Read Full Article ›


Thanks to Obamacare, Small Businesses Plan on Eliminating Jobs Before 2014

Town Hall July 18, 2012 Kyle Bonnell Obamacare’s employer mandate has small businesses scrambling to reduce their workforce in anticipation of the law’s implementation in 2014. Under the employer mandate, businesses with 50 or more full-time employees have to provide coverage or pay a $2,000 penalty for every worker minus the first 30. Growing businesses have discovered that expanding their ... Read Full Article ›


Judge Rejects States’ Lawsuit Challenging Obamacare Contraception Manda

CNSNews July 18, 2012 GRANT SCHULTE Associated Press LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Seven attorneys general trying to block the federal health care law’s requirement for contraception coverage saw their lawsuit dismissed Tuesday by a federal judge who said they didn’t have standing to file it. U.S. District Court Judge Warren K. Urbom ruled that the states failed to prove they ... Read Full Article ›


No, Professor Gruber, Obamacare Won’t Boost the Economy

The American Spectator July 16, 2012 The father of PPACA peddles piffle about the economic impact of his progeny. David Catron George Orwell is often credited with writing, “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.” As it happens, Orwell didn’t pen those words. That much-used aphorism merely paraphrases a pithy but somewhat less glib observation he made ... Read Full Article ›


Could a missing word take down Obamacare (Affordable Care Act)?

The Washington Post Sarah Kliff Section 1401 of the Affordable Care Act is, on the surface, just as exciting as it sounds. It outlines in excruciating detail the eligibility requirements for an American to receive a tax subsidy to assist in purchasing health insurance. That’s at first glance, at least. Two experts who recently scoured Section 1401 think they found ... Read Full Article ›


Obama Snubbed Republican Health Plan Sponsors

Investor’s Business Daily July 13, 2012 Health Reform: President Obama and his media toadies scoffed at House Republicans’ vote to repeal ObamaCare, demanding, “Where’s their plan?” It’s already written into legislation. As a matter of fact, Republicans have introduced several bills that address all the problems with the health system — including covering the uninsured and those with preexisting conditions ... Read Full Article ›


Cons of Obamacare

1. The largest tax increase in history — 21 separate tax increases and new taxes, 75 percent of which hit the middle class. $500 billion in total tax hikes. Examples: Individual mandate tax (2.5 percent of gross income). Employer mandate tax ($3,000 per employee). Investment income surtax (3.8 percent times interest, dividends, rents, capital gains, royalties, etc.) Medicare payroll tax ... Read Full Article ›


Senate Dems Kill Obama’s Tax Plan

Andrew Breitbart’s – Big Government July 11, 2012 Senate Dems Kill Obama’s Tax Plan Ben Shapiro In a shocking repudiation of President Obama’s “soak the rich” economic plans, Senate Democrats today blocked a vote on President Obama’s proposal to raise taxes on those earning more than $250,000 per year. Senate Republicans had proposed an immediate vote on the measure. In ... Read Full Article ›


GOOD NEWS!: ** ObamaCare to Cost 3 Times More than First Thought

The Washington Free Beacon July 11, 2012 Menendez: Liar BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff Sen. Robert Menendez’s claims that President Obama’s health care reform provides $250 million in savings over its first 10 years and $1.2 trillion over its second decade have been rated “mostly false” by Politifact, a nonpartisan fact checking website. “‘So the reality is the Congressional ... Read Full Article ›


‘Constitutional, But Not Wise’: House Strikes Down ObamaCare 244-185

FINAL VOTE RESULTS FOR ROLL CALL 460 Pajamas Media July 11, 2012 Democrats groused that the Republican effort is like “Groundhog Day,” but Cantor said everyone needed to be on the record post-SCOTUS. Bridget Johnson Less than two weeks after the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare as constitutional [1], House Republicans sent a signal that the ruling doesn’t mean the ... Read Full Article ›


The Entitlement State, Obamacare—and Zombies

Wall Street Journal July 10, 2012 The Entitlement State—and Zombies How to become a country, or a continent, of democratic serfs. BRET STEPHENS When is an economic crisis more than just an economic crisis? When is it also a political crisis? And when is it something else altogether: social, demographic, institutional, moral, intellectual—in short, civilizational? The euro zone’s troubles shouldn’t ... Read Full Article ›


A State Revolt Against ObamaCare Emerges

Investor’s Business Daily July 10, 2012 A State Revolt Against ObamaCare Emerges Health Reform: After the Supreme Court’s ruling, President Obama declared ObamaCare “here to stay.” But a revolt is brewing among states that, if it continues, could cause key pieces of the misbegotten law to collapse. On Monday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry was the latest to refuse ObamaCare’s massive ... Read Full Article ›


The Tax You Need Not Pay

NOTE: Hear Steve Moore expound on ObamaCare taxes on The Kudlow Report (video). July 10, 2012 American Thinker The Tax You Need Not Pay Jon N. Hall Except for the decision on the expansion of Medicaid, ObamaCare largely survived the scrutiny of the Supreme Court. However, the individual mandate is gone; the Constitution does not allow Congress to command ... Read Full Article ›


Obamacare’s Empty Mandates

FOX Business July 9, 2012 Gerri Willis Remember Cracker Jacks’ surprise inside? Well Obamacare has it too – and it’s a lulu. Turns out, the government has no way to enforce the individual mandate – the tax that scofflaws have to pay for failing to get health insurance coverage. That’s right. There is no penalty in the law for refusing ... Read Full Article ›


Adviser: Obama 100% Committed to Ending Bush Tax Cuts

Barack Obama is now committed to ending the Bush tax cuts and raising taxes on millions of Americans. FOX 8 Cleveland reported: July 8, 2012 Ashley Killough, CNN (CNN) — A top adviser for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign said Sunday the president was entirely dedicated to ending the so-called Bush tax cuts for the wealthy at the end of ... Read Full Article ›


The Tax Man Cometh to Police You on Health Care

My Way news and the Associated Press July 7, 2012 STEPHEN OHLEMACHER WASHINGTON (AP) – The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold most of President Barack Obama’s health care law will come home to roost for most taxpayers in about 2 1/2 years, when they’ll have to start providing proof on their tax returns that they have health insurance. That scenario ... Read Full Article ›


13,000 Obamacare Regulations, and Counting

Efforts to implement ObamaCare law raise concerns of massive government expansion Jim Angle With the Supreme Court giving President Obama’s new health care law a green light, federal and state officials are turning to implementation of the law — a lengthy and massive undertaking still in its early stages, but already costing money and expanding the government. The Health and ... Read Full Article ›