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Let me start by stating I am completely for “affordable” health care. Let me add that I’m not convinced we’ve found the answer.

After visiting the website, I soon realized we’re headed for some challenging moments in the very near future. First, I was summarily placed in ‘line’…..aka ‘governmental red tape’….. While the process didn’t surprise me, it made me realize the government is good at one thing: Forming lines. We wait in them on the phone. We wait in them when we try to collect our well earned benefits. We wait in them when we attempt to receive our tax refunds. We wait in them when we need, receive or apply for anything that involves the government. Waiting isn’t unusual; but getting from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ within any governmental system is the culprit. Why? It usually has less to do with the person helping us navigate and more to do with the process they’ve been given.

So, here I am waiting. The front page prepares me for it by telling me to ‘wait’ in my invisible line while some invisible assistance prepares to help me. Time seemingly flies by and within a few more minutes the wait ends and the red tape begins. As I begin to navigate through the trail placed before me, I quickly enter the maze of simple questions (who, where and what) that pertain to me. Once done, I click the final selection……and I wait. This time, the wait takes me to another page that instructs me to check my email for the priceless link that will take me on my way. I follow in complete obedience, checking the email, clicking the link, following the path like a hungry mouse looking for the morsel of food that is inevitably attached to another trap. Sure enough, I find it! The link opens to another page that has two messages. The first starts with “Please wait…..we’re processing your request….this may take a few moments…..” in the top section….followed by “Oops. You didn’t check your email in time.” By now I’m rolling on the floor in complete hysterical laughter (which, oh by the way, is very good medicine for the soul…)

I am summarily given another ‘link’ to click (which out of crazy American obedience I’ve been trained to do) and guess what? I’m taken back to the original link whose front page message reminds me, “We have a lot of visitors on the site right now. Please stay on this page. We’re working to make the experience better, and we don’t want you to lose your place in line. We’ll send you to the login page as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience!” So, again, like a mouse chasing the morsel I click on the link in my email account and wha-la, I’m taken to the next page and message: “Success! Your account has been created……etc., etc., etc.” After doing a short victory move on the couch, I sheepishly hit the ‘continue’ button in the far bottom right corner. Feeling a bit like I’ve judged the government too quickly, I soon realize I’ve hit the nail on the head as I read the next encrypted message:

Access Denied

You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.

Notice how the link has “spawaitingroom” in the address? Now that’s hilarious! I’ve been to many spa’s and not one of them looked like this one…….All kidding set aside, I’m laughing both tears of humor and tears of sadness. “What mess have we allowed ourselves to get into now?” I ask myself. Who voted for this mess? Who thought this was a good idea? Who decided that our very poorly managed government would do any better at healthcare than it does handling the budget? “Not me…..not me…..” I respond out loud (my dog is now looking at me like I’m crazy).

I’m feeling a bit like I’m losing my mind and praying ObamaCare has great mental health benefits attached to the insurance requirements required by law. In my heart of hearts, I wish I could say ObamaCare is a great program (I do believe “Affordable Healthcare” for all Americans is an absolute must); but I can’t say I’m there. Anytime the government manages anything beyond taxes and war, we’re in trouble (well, we were already in trouble but I decided to give the government something for their efforts).

The authors of the Affordable Care Act only drafted policy; they didn’t ‘vet’ it. The ‘vetting’ will only happen over countless years of trial and error. American’s will be the guinea pigs and the government will be their customer service providers. The maze will only grow deeper and more confusing as each one comes together. How do I know this to be true? I’m still on the “Please wait…..” page.v

Quick Tips for Wellness: The government should stay out of the healthcare business.

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