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Obamacare Colorado

The state of Colorado currently has a state-run health exchange where you can get quotes direct. As a basis for comparison, we encourage you to get quotes from other insurance companies. By having health insurance quotes from current providers as a base for comparison, you will have a better range of plans, information and overall access to affordable healthcare benefits.

Obamacare in Colorado

The Colorado legislature elected to provide a state based healthcare insurance exchange for the state’s residents. The state’s program will be managed by an independent public agency that will use a clearinghouse procedure to contract with all qualified health plans. The state has an exchange website for enrollment that is easy to use and assists applicants with step-by-step instructions plus questions and answers to the most common concerns.

Open enrollment in Obamacare is available from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017 at Colorado’s website listed below. The website lets consumers review and compare available plans and premiums that will fulfill their healthcare requirements. All of the plans will provide the core medical services defined in the healthcare law with more extensive coverage available for higher premiums. Consumer assistance is available by phone at 1-855-752-6749 and the TTY line is 1-855-346-3432. The state’s administrative staff can be called at 1-720-496-2530.

Obamacare requires that all Colorado residents obtain healthcare insurance and there are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions. Beginning in 2014, residents who did not have health coverage would pay a tax penalty for each month they were uninsured. The 2015 open enrollment period provides Colorado’s citizens another opportunity to comply with the law. Individuals who currently have insurance or are covered by Medicare or Medicaid do not have to acquire more insurance. In 2013, Colorado established a new law that expands the eligibility qualifications for Medicaid, therefore anyone who made under 133% of the federal poverty level (which actually equates to 138% of the federal poverty level due to the way that income is calculated) is eligible for Medicaid under state law. The application process will help to determine if an individual is eligible for reduced premiums or Medicaid.

Colorado law ensures that qualified American Indians and Alaska Natives enrolling in Obamacare will continue to receive services from Indian Health Service and tribal or urban Indian health programs. One assistance site for American Indians and Alaska Natives is the Denver Indian Health and Family Services,

Colorado State Exchange Link

You can use the links below to get quotes direct from insurance providers.