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Obamacare Georgia

Updated November 1st, 2016

Get Actual Updated Price Estimates For 2017 Georgia Obamacare Plans

The state of Georgia currently does not have a state-run health exchange, where you can get quotes directly. Instead, the federal health exchange will direct you to a number of approved insurance brokers and exchanges. Some of these are privately owned. Others will direct you to publicly held, for-profit companies.

As a basis for comparison, we encourage you to get quotes from other insurance coverage providers. Specifically, you should have health insurance quotes from current providers, as a base for comparison against the federal health exchange-approved providers. This will provide you with a better range of plans, pricing information and overall access to affordable healthcare benefits.

Obamacare in Georgia

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as the ACA, or Obamacare, required everyone to have health insurance in 2015. All individuals that were not insured in 2014 had to pay a tax penalty.

The premise behind the ACA is that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare. To ensure that some of the poorest families are able to afford insurance, Obamacare does have a Medicaid expansion provision. Under this provision, the government covers the majority of the costs for qualifying families that are covered by Medicaid.

At first, this provision was to be federally mandated, requiring all states to participate. The Supreme Court later struck down the mandate in its ruling concerning the Affordable Care Act. Now, states have the option of whether to expand their Medicaid program. Georgia is one of those states that have chosen not to do so. Governor Nathan Deal (R) made it clear that he was not in support of Medicaid Expansion in the state.

The majority of working Americans, however, have health insurance provided by their employer. Employer-provided health insurance does satisfy the requirement set forth by Obamacare. For those, however, that do not have such insurance, they may shop on private or the federal marketplace.

Under the Affordable Care Act, there is a federal exchange that has been set up. The individual states also had the option to set up their own exchange. Like some of the other states, Georgia opted not to create a state health exchange. As such, Georgia residents have to shop for health insurance from the federal exchange. The exchange is not insurance. It only provides the options for different insurance providers and plans.

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