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Obamacare on “Planet Dingell”

Michigan Rep. John Dingell, D-Ann Arbor, continues to be an excellent barometer for Obamacare’s false truths and false promises.

To Obamacare supporters’ claims that the government takeover is really a market-oriented reform, Dingell’s VIP presence at President Obama’s 2010 signing is a bracing contradiction. A longtime advocate of single-payer, socialized health care, Dingell enthusiastically embraced Obamacare’s bureaucratic, Washington’s-way-or-the-highway approach as the next best thing.

Dingell is a reliable cheerleader for the health law’s advancement these days even as the evidence shouts that the act is an unaffordable train wreck.

Let me just say this: You ain’t seen nothing yet,” said Dingell this week from Planet Washington, joining House Minority Leader Pelosi in celebrating the third anniversary of the law’s passage. “(The America people) are going to live longer, be healthier. . . .
(The) status quo was financially unsustainable — to families, to small businesses, to big business, [and] as it’s competitiveness issue, to our national, state and local budgets and to our economy.”

On Planet Earth, the reality is different.

Quality of care? The U.S. has been Number One with the best health care access in the world. Countries with the Obamacare’s government-run model have much higher rates of cancer mortality, for example, because patients can’t get care.

Affordability? States and businesses are madly scrambling to offload their health care obligations onto the feds for fear Obamacare’s mandates will bankrupt their bottom lines. Now comes news that health care premiums are about to explode due to Obamacare.

“Health insurers are privately warning brokers that premiums for many individuals and small businesses could increase sharply next year because of the health-care overhaul law,” reports The Wall Street Journal, “with the nation’s biggest firm projecting that rates could more than double for some consumers buying their own plans. The projected increases are at odds with what the Obama Administration says consumers should be expecting overall in terms of cost.”

Oh. Other than that, Mr. Lincoln, how was the play?
The Detroit News. A twenty-five year.

newspaper veteran, the Pulitzer Prize-nominated satirist produces 12 cartoons a week for The News and United Feature Syndicate. Payne is also a contributor to National Review, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, and other national publications. His News column appears every Tuesday online.