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Obamacare Questions? We Have Helped Educate More Than 15 Million Americans About Obamacare

At our primary goal is to help every American, who does not have healthcare coverage, obtain it- Period. To us, it does not matter if you are seeking an Obamacare-compliant healthcare plan that is subsidized, or if you are one of millions of American’s don’t qualify for a subsidy and simply need information on how to obtain the best healthcare available for as little cost as possible. Many American individuals or families do not qualify for “Obamacare” under the laws outlined by the Affordable Care Act.

In some cases you might earn too much or too little money and not be able to qualify for a subsidy. This website can help you first determine if you are eligible for an Obamacare subsidized healthcare plan, and secondly, we can connect you with actual licensed health insurance professionals over the phone or in person. Licensed health insurance agents and health insurance brokers can listen to your and your family’s specific needs and then help you understand the positives or negatives of each individual plan.

In fact, if you prefer, a licensed health insurance agent can even help you enroll with a plan that is found directly on This can be done over the phone or in person, whatever is your preference. At, our goal is to make healthcare easily accessible and most importantly approachable for everyone. We understand exactly what it is like to be facing something as serious and often complicated as obtaining healthcare for the first time.

We have now launched our Obamacare Glossary which has a very detailed glossary of every term that you would have to know in order to make an informed decision on what the very best options are for your healthcare.

Updated February 17th, 2015:

Missed the February 15th Deadline to Enroll in Health Insurance? Obamacare Enrollment Extension Information

Don’t panic because depending on the state that you live in, your present circumstances or the reason that you missed the deadline in the first place, you may still be able to enroll in health insurance and even get a subsidy.

If you meet one of the following circumstances, we can still help you enroll in health insurance!

Reason #1: You live in a state that extended the deadline

Reason #2: You tried to enroll by the deadline but experienced technical difficulties with or had an issue getting through with the call center

Reason #3: You know you don’t qualify for a subsidy but just want to get insurance

Reason #4: You experienced a qualifying life event very recently

Reason #1: Live in one of these states? Good! Because they are giving you more time to enroll!

So far 13 out of the 16 states that have their own state exchange and do not rely on have extended the deadline to enroll in health insurance for their residents.

If you live in one of the following states, you can still enroll in health insurance if it is before the extended deadline but many of the states only allow people to enroll if they they started an application for insurance before the February 15th deadline!

(If you did not start your application before the original deadline, it may not hurt to at least ask whether your state will let you start one now.)

The reason for the extra time varies. Some states extended the deadline because of the terrible winter weather and some were due to technical difficulties. Either way, if your name is in their system and your application is at least started, you now have extra time to choose a plan.

State New Deadline
To Enroll
Who Do I Call To
Finish Enrolling?
California New deadline is Thursday, April 30th for people who did or did not start an application before the 2015 deadline so long as the person states that they were not aware of the tax penalty involved with not enrolling during open enrollment 800-653-1805
Colorado New deadline is not specified but website says they will help you enroll for a March 1st start date, which means you need to enroll in February 800-653-1805
Connecticut New deadline is not specified 800-653-1805
District of Columbia New deadline is not specified but website says they will help you enroll for a March 1st start date, which means you need to enroll in February 800-653-1805
Hawaii New deadline is not specified but website says they will help you enroll for a March 1st start date, which means you need to enroll in February 877-628-5076
Idaho Saturday, February 28th 800-653-1805
Maryland Saturday, February 28th 800-653-1805
Massachusetts Monday, February 23rd even if you did not already start your application 800-497-4648
MA Health
Minnesota Friday, February 20th by 5:00 p.m. 855-366-7873
New York Saturday, February 28th 855-355-5777
Rhode Island Monday, February 23rd even if you did not already start your application 800-653-1805
Vermont Paper applications will be accepted late so long as postmarked by Tuesday, February 17th Vermont only accepted late paper applications
Washington If you had your application started by February 15th at 11:45 p.m. or you just became aware that of your 2014 tax penalty and want to avoid the 2015 penalty, you will have until April 17th to complete enrollment 800-653-1805

If you’re curious which states did NOT extend the deadline for their residents, they are Kentucky, New Mexico and Oregon.

Reason #2: Were you cursing or the long call center wait times during open enrollment?? Well, good news! You get more time to enroll too!

If you felt like it was 2014 again and you were experiencing déjà vu because of the website problems on and the very long wait times to get through to the call center, you were not alone. In fact, CMS, the department of the federal government that manages enrollment on the federal marketplace, has announced that it is extending the deadline to enroll for all residents living in state that uses the Federal Marketplace.

The new deadline to enroll if you started your application before the February 15th deadline is Saturday, February 22nd.

Call this phone number 800-653-1805 to speak to an agent who can help you finish your application on

Reason #3: You did not start an application on either the state or federal marketplace, missed the deadline but still want to get insurance ASAP.

Certain insurance carriers in certain states have decided to extend the deadline to enroll for a few more days. These insurance carriers know that the weather, technical difficulties and very simply, life, may have gotten in the way of enrolling before the February 15th deadline and they want to be accommodating.

If you live in one of these states and simply want health insurance coverage right away, you can still enroll in a plan. You can follow this link to start the process.

Start Here

States: Arizona California
Colorado Florida Georgia
Hawaii Idaho Indiana
Kentucky Louisiana Maine
Maryland Massachusetts Missouri
Nevada New Jersey New York
Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania
Tennessee Texas Utah
Virginia West Virginia Wisconsin

There are a couple things to be aware of regarding Reason #3. First, you cannot get a federal subsidy for one of these plans as they are direct with the carrier and are not considered a marketplace plan.

Also, these insurance carriers can make their own rules regarding whom they allow to enroll now that it is after the deadline. Therefore, some insurance carriers may only allow people to enroll in a plan if they already started an application. In addition, carriers may only allow people in certain counties or section of a state to still enroll. You will be provided more details about these restrictions after you start the registration process.

Reason #4: You experienced a Qualifying Life Event

If you experience one of the following life events, which the Affordable Care Act calls a Qualifying Life Event, you can enroll in health insurance even though the open enrollment deadline has passed. This new period of time in which you are permitted to enroll in health insurance because you have experienced one of these life events is called the Special Enrollment Period.

If you haven’t experienced one of the Qualifying Life Events yet, but know that you will be experiencing one in the near future, please keep in mind that the law allows you to enroll in health insurance within sixty-days of the Qualifying Life Event without fear of being taxed for not having insurance.

If you have a Qualifying Life Event, please click the below link to start your application for health insurance.

  • Had a baby
  • Recently got married or divorced
  • Lost your healthcare coverage
  • Became a U.S. citizen or gained lawful status
  • Your income changed and you are now eligible for a subsidy
  • You moved to a new state

You experienced a hardship like domestic violence, hospitalization, you lived through a natural disaster, technical error, system outages, other issue with, and this hardship prevented you from enrolling during the Open Enrollment Period

Why should you rely on us to help you determine what healthcare plan is best for you?

We have one of the largest networks of health insurance professionals in the U.S. available to answer any question that you may have. With, you are obtaining direct access to licensed health insurance professionals who can actually answer any of the questions that you might have.

How is this different than if you were to go directly to or call their toll free number?

Simple, the individuals answering the phones at are not licensed insurance agents and legally they can not advise you as to what plan is a good match for your budget and medical requirements. Just because someone understands what a “premium” is, or what the “difference is between a PPO or an HMO health plan”, does not necessarily mean that they would not benefit from having a health insurance agent explain all of the details and fine print regarding that plan.