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Obama’s Obamacare Fix is Sugar-Coated Manure

Frankly, I’m sick of the dishonesties that gush from President Obama’s mouth. Last week, he promised an “administrative fix” for Obamacare, which was nothing more than an attempt to revive his tanking poll numbers, protect at-risk Democrats up for reelection in 2014, and deflect blame to insurance companies.

Obama doesn’t care that his “administrative fix” won’t fix anything. What he really cares about is his party regaining control for his last two years in office. And if they do, expect Democrats to bring about a “real” Obamacare fix by fulfilling their lifelong dream of socialized medicine in America.

Those with common sense question the constitutionality of Obama’s newest proposal, and surely Obama knows full well it’s a logistic impossibility to reinstate insurance plans for a year. But, he’ll say anything to deflect blame. That’s how he rolls. Lest we forget:

He once blamed the Founding Fathers for creating a system of checks and balances which prevented him from achieving the radical change he believed in.

High gas prices were blamed on big oil companies and big cable networks like Fox News got the rap for his unpopularity. He blamed President Reagan for federal deficit spending and then blamed Congress for his. He blamed Rush Limbaugh for the partisanship in D.C. and then blamed being a dad for his own partisanship, and later said “partisan brinkmanship” was the reason for America’s first-ever credit rating downgrade.

He blamed his predecessor for everything under the sun and then blamed Republicans for blaming him for blaming Bush.

State and local government caused high black unemployment, the rich were blamed for poverty; technology for weak job numbers; generic “bad decisions” for the weak economy, and that same weak economy was why he didn’t keep his promise for immigration reform. John Kerry got blamed for his poor reelection debate performance and blamed “bad luck” for failures, “messy democracy” for failed policies and blamed Congress for not closing GITMO.

The NRA was blamed for gun violence, guns were blamed for Chicago’s violence, America for Mexico’s, and Bush, again, for the Mexican gun running scandal Fast and Furious. He blamed workplace violence for a terrorist attack at Ft. Hood, an internet video for attacks in Benghazi, and open internet access for future terrorism.

He blamed the “entire world” for his Syrian “redline” statement, the Navy for America’s trouble with North Korea, Europe for America’s bad jobs report, a Japanese Tsunami for slow economic growth, and Hawaii for his own “deep-down laziness.”

He blamed Republicans for a government shutdown and the government shutdown for Obamacare’s rollout failures. He blamed “bad apple “insurance companies for his broken promise that Americans could keep their plans and then turned insurers into scapegoats last week when he offered a plan for extension, knowing future cancellations will be blamed on them.

Obamacare is self-imploding under its own ineptitude. Even if it was logistically feasible, Obama’s “administrative fix” is like plugging a hole in a leaky dam with bubble gum. It may hold for a moment, but it will eventually come crashing down.

It is reassuring to know Republicans back in 2009 had the wisdom to see Obamacare for what it was. Not a single Republican voted for it while Democrats like Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) ran around the country telling Americans, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it.” Americans already know, you can sprinkle sugar on a pile of manure, but in the end it’s still a cow patty.

Susan Stamper Brown is an opinion page columnist who writes about politics, the economy and culture. Email Susan at or her website at Be the first to join the conversation at her newly created Facebook page.

By Cagle Cartoons, Susan Stamper Brown
Tue, 11/19/2013 – 12:40pm


  1. R Villanova November 20, 2013

    Since we believe this is all true and assuming the President is at fault, why cant we have him, the president impeached. Hes leading us all down a path to poverty. And for those who are already poverty-stricken, into a deeper hole that we cant get out from. Impeach him, do the country a big favor.

  2. Russell DeEulio November 25, 2013

    If we do not stop Obama soon, it will be to late. It will be like how Hitler took power and tried to dominate the world.

  3. Jack Frost December 4, 2013

    Obamacare is Fascism. Government controlling our lives more, is Fascism, regardless of the name given to the control. What separates government from civil society is the acceptance of using force (threat of jails, fines, etc.) upon it’s ‘citizens’ to ensure compliance. In everyday civil society, force and threats of force are not an option. Because Government’s basis is an acceptance of the use of force, it will always be corrupted by con-men and thieves. As individuals, we can resolve to live as civilized beings (civil society) instead of accepting force and the threat of violence (muggers, criminal gangs, and ‘government’). Obamacare is a step backwards from a civil society. Governmental Force always causes more conflict. Government causes chaos and conflict, much of this concealed beneath the mask it wears of appearing civilized. The use of force creates more chaos than it ‘solves’.

  4. sick of lies December 11, 2013

    citizens this is the great rape of freedom. the supreme court ( nine educated judges) did not read this bill. a bill argued to them as a tax. when did it change from bill to a tax? congress itself did not read it. how was it possible for nine judges to read and not find faults of losing rights of citizens? example if a girl goes and gets the after morning pill, why should be responsibile for her act of irresponsibility? hell i did not get the ass the night before. where is my choice in who i want to service my body? citizens this false and forced law will break the very foundation of this nation. have anyone heard of the term–DOMESTIC TREASON?

  5. Carroll Forrester January 6, 2014

    Lets take a moment and think about it this way, You meet someone you think is good for you. You both get warmed up to maybe a relationship. You make a pack and go for it, and talk about marriage. Five days before you go to church, she tells you about her four children,(two from marriage, and two from her last relationship). You think! I love children we’ll work it out. The next day she tells you, two of her children need 24/7 medical attention and she signed up for Obama care with no complete conformation. Three days before the big date she says; her last boy friend is stalking her and her ex-husband is soon to released from jail, and is still not over her. Two days before the big show you find out her last boy friend is Muslim and her ex is Jewish. The rehearsal she tells you she’s bi-polar and might have STD. Isn’t that what Obama did after Health care was passed? A truly deceitful and law breaking act. Lets not just impeach him, put him in jail. I hear OJ needs a cellmate, he didn’t lie, and is innocent also.