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The Cons of Obamacare – Government Run Health Care

Obamacare is the common term for the massive health care industry law proposed by President Obama that was recently passed. The law is an extremely polarizing issue, with its supporters and detractors seemingly equally passionate. What cannot be denied is the fact that the law does have several very serious potential problems.

*Government Rationing. Under Obamacare, choosing the ideal treatment for a particular condition will no longer be a decision made solely between a doctor and a patient. Instead, the government will be able to decide which treatments it considers to be “effective” in a particular situation, taking into consideration factors like a patient’s age and health history. Although the program is theoretically supposed to limit health care costs, its long term effect will be to ration treatments to those the government feels deserve them.

*Economic Burden. The sheer scale of a health care program that includes every single adult United States citizen means that its cost will be massive. This cost will of necessity be passed along to the taxpayers, a drastic overall expense increase that could be particularly problematic in light of recent economic downturns. Individuals who have to spend more money on taxes will have less money to spend on consumer goods and services, which is the primary factor in improving the economy. Since more purchases from consumers mean more job availability, higher taxes due to Obamacare could well diminish any potential economic recovery.

*Medicare Limitation. The term “death panels” was widely used during debate over Obamacare’s passage to describe the possibility that government officials would decide when to stop treating elderly individuals. Although program supporters vehemently denied that the law included such as thing as death panels, the law does mean that individuals who depend on Medicare for medication and other treatments they need to stay alive could find themselves suddenly denied Medicare coverage for these treatments because they cost too much in light of the person’s age and deteriorating health. Whatever the label applied to the program, the result is still that the government now has the right to decide when to let someone die by ceasing to provide expensive treatment.

*Mandated Coverage. The Obamacare program mandates that all United States citizens must get health insurance coverage. Anyone who does not get coverage will be forced to pay a fine in the form of an increased tax rate. This removes the freedom of choice from private citizens in regards to their personal finances and health decisions.

*Privacy Issues. If the government is to make decisions about what treatment and medications to provide for different individuals, it will need to maintain a staggering amount of personal information about those people’s medical history, health conditions and other topics. This is information that once was confidential between a person and her doctor. Many individuals are very uncomfortable about the prospect of sharing every detail of their lives with the government, even if the government claims that it will not share this information with any other organizations.

*Wait Times. As was previously mentioned, it will likely become difficult to get some patients approved for expensive surgeries and other medical procedures. However, even people who do receive approval for these types of procedures will likely face extremely long wait times before actually receiving them due to the massive total expense of the program. This has already been seen in nations like Canada that have implemented similar programs.

*Universal Coverage Drawbacks. Since the Obamacare program mandates coverage for all citizens, and removes pre-existing condition exclusions, individuals who take very good care of themselves physically and are therefore in good health will wind up carrying the burden for people who may be obese, alcoholic, heavy smokers or who have made other poor health decisions. This type of universal program unintentionally punishes people who are healthy and rewards those who are unhealthy.


  1. sue June 29, 2012

    One of the key words here is citizens. At present time, we have healthcare going to many who are not citizens.

    What is the impact of this? Will they continue to receive health care, free education, etc?

    How many dollars would be saved, if the existing system provided only for those who are citizens?

  2. Cameron June 30, 2012

    Ok this obamacare is crap it makes the people who work hard for
    There money have to pay more in taxes

    So here is my thought on this DON’T re- NIG in 2012 there problem solved!!!!!!

  3. Guest July 1, 2012

    @ Cameron…..LMAO….we need to make some bumperstickers with that slogan!

  4. Guest July 2, 2012

    That's funny…Maybe the Repiblican Party should pick that up.

  5. AMD July 3, 2012

    You think thats funny? re-Nig? Are you not intelligent enough to make a valid argument without saying something racist and ignorant? How stupid!

  6. amw July 4, 2012

    I guess what it comes down to is that the idiots who voted him into office in 2010 are responsible for the downfall of the health care system. I wish the american citizen would have more of a back bone and stand up against this unconstitutional bill. Honestly, I think the founding fathers stood up against england for almost the same crap in the 1770's. Taxation without representation is more true today then ever! The middle class is the loser again and is not gonna make it another 4 years under Obama. Please exersise your right to vote and vote wisely. I wish the republican party would have produced a better candidate than Romney but he is not Obama. Washington needs an overhaul. I wish we could vote them all out! I am proud to be an american. I think of all the lives lost to preserve our freedom and if those people were alive today what would they think? What are my kids going to go through in the future? The sad part is the state of the union is past repair in my opinion. I think we are doomed unless the people stand up and demand major changes. The lack of intelligence and determination of the american people is the reason this country is going to hell and nothing will be done to stop it. It's depressing!

  7. krt July 6, 2012

    In regard to health care rationing/limitations: insurance companies already ration and limit health care. I would rather have such decisions made by the government, which is accountable to the populace, than a for-profit organization.

    Concerning the economic burden: given that preventative care is much more economical than reactionary measures, consistent access to preventative medicine can only reduce overall health care costs over time.

    As far as freedom of choice goes; do you know anybody who elects to live without health insurance for any reason other than the fact that they can’t reasonably afford it? I don’t.

    Privacy Issues: your personal information has never been a matter of confidentiality between you and your doctor. Insurance companies have as much, if not more access to your personal information than the government will have.

    Wait times will be due, primarily, to inadequate health care infrastructure, and yes; we will need to improve it – perhaps doing so might create some desperately needed jobs.

    Should people who lead healthy lifestyles be required to help bear the economic burden for obese alcoholics? I’m not sure how to answer that, but here’s another question for you: Should children with treatable conditions be allowed to die, because their parents can’t afford health insurance?

    We’re all in this together, folks.

  8. admin July 6, 2012

    Obama came into office in 2008

  9. Brian July 10, 2012

    Obama was voted President in 2008 and took office on January 20th, 2009.

  10. david July 14, 2012

    an observation… compare the cons and pros list just on this site alone. which ones longer….

  11. Charlie315 July 14, 2012

    Thank you for the suggestions and we are working on getting equal Pros and Cons…

  12. Trevor July 24, 2012

    blotchy english, hard to read

  13. Carol October 1, 2012

    Obmacare? How do other countries provide for their citzens or for the people that reside in their country. I am sorry to admit I never achieved the status of middle income according to Mr Rommney. Most of the 47% of people that fall in this limbo zone most certainly include postal workers, teachers, nurses, police, fire fighters, and just about anyone that WORKS for a living. Most of our military and retired population don’t even count because of their low income. I do regret not becoming a bank offical, or just about any big business CEO. I must admit Congressmen and Senators I am also envious of because all seem to be way overpaid. The Middle income people have had to risk their lives and health to live comfortably and I am sickened by Romneys’ disregard for us. Do you know that Romneycare in Massachusetts appears to be worse than Obamacare could ever be. Something most certainly has to be done about the cost of Health care no matter who provides it. I honestly Pray that whoever is voted in cares for all the people and not just those that have the means to control weak minded voters by constant lies. Just a thought? What would you do if two cars had an accident and the injured were rushed to the hospital and it turned out that one was not a citzen and indeed was here illegally? Their are so many issues that our leaders have to answer. Everyone that has been voted into office has to do the best for everyone. I don’t believe the Romneys of this country even know what WE need: they just know what they want.

  14. Charlie October 3, 2012

    Other countries( European Union) take over 50% of the wages of every employee….the grass is not greener…all other countries are a ” fend for yourself”plan…if you get a refund from the IRS each year you are not paying into the system… Harsh lesson but its true

  15. Laila Owies October 8, 2012

    I agree with Carol

  16. Shar September 4, 2013

    Well, I am 70 years old and have had cancer twice. I have been cancer free for 3 years now but under Obamacare, I can’t imagine that I would be given treatment for a new cancer because of my age. I work hard to keep myself healthy by exercising and taking the best nutritional supplement I can find. Obamacare will be cutting Medicare Advantage by huge amounts and that is a very popular part of Medicare with seniors. It appears to me that Obamacare is making most of the cuts to healthcare costs through cutting the benefits of seniors but will increase the benefits for Medicaid. I know a lot of young people who are on welfare and Medicaid and have numerous babies out of wedlock and the father is not supporting the children. These young people do not work and if they are offered a job, most quit after a day or two because the benefits are better if they don’t work. The young people of today think the government owes them a living and their question always seems to be “What can the government do for me. What can I get for free?” Where is the pride? I just retired this year. I worked until I was 70 because I do not want a handout. Wake up America. Our freedoms are going by the wayside. We need to put term limits on Congressmen and Senators. The longer they are in office, the more corrupt they become. Vote, write your Congressman and Senators. Make your voice heard. I don’t see any evidence that Obamacare is going away. I signed many petitions and wrote my Congressman and Senators many times to no avail. There are just not enough people making their voices heard. I believe this nation will regret Obamacare. We will soon find out.

  17. Steve September 22, 2013

    Wow! Lord help us.

  18. tim September 25, 2013

    i would rather have insurance company than obama who is responsible to only the people that elected the people who will not have to pay becuse they are on the goverment take any way they will be with obamacare so why change it we cant afford obama care either my preiums are going to be twice as high they all own big shares in the insurance co

  19. joe October 31, 2013

    I agree with you 100%!!!! Obama does not care for the seniors who actually worked for all they have, but cater to today’s youths who never worked and already racked thousands of dollars in college loans that they will never be able repay. This obamacare is going to destroy the economy as well – big businesses with over 50 employees will cut full time positions to part time to avoid paying employees health insurance. These employees will then all be on unemployment compensation…..millions of them!!! Glad you survived your cancer ailments. God bless you, joe

  20. Taylor N November 11, 2013

    “This type of universal program unintentionally punishes people who are healthy and rewards those who are unhealthy.”

    This is blatantly incorrect, as there is nothing unintentional about the young and healthy “subsidizing” the costs of the old or poor in health. Today, at 21, I will pay for the healthcare of a 60-year-old lifelong smoker. And when I get old the next generation will be doing the same for me. And that’s EXACTLY the point. Gripe and complain all we want, that is a fundamental piece of the entire idea of universal healthcare. Certainly not unintentional.

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