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The Uninsured Hate ObamaCare

Health Care: A new survey shows that ObamaCare is less popular with the uninsured than with the public. How is this even possible?

The January Kaiser Family Foundation health tracking poll shows that just 24% of the uninsured approve of ObamaCare. That’s down from 40% the month before the reform officially launched in October, and it’s a full 10 points below the public’s overall favorable rating.

Incredibly, more than twice as many uninsured say they’re worse off because of ObamaCare than say it’s helped. What’s more, just 7% of the uninsured say they tried to get coverage through an ObamaCare exchange. Nearly 60% say they hadn’t done anything to get coverage over the previous six months.

Given that Democrats claimed to have specifically tailored it to help the uninsured, these results make absolutely no sense.

Could it be that Democrats grossly misunderstood the population they were trying to help? Or had they’d been peddling lies about the uninsured population for so long — as a way to sell “universal health care” — that they’d come to believe their own propaganda?

It’s more likely the latter of the two. Despite the endlessly repeated mantra about 40-plus million uninsured, data have shown for decades the actual ranks of the uninsured were much smaller, and the population less helpless, than Democrats routinely claimed.

As IBD reported, 42% of the uninsured are either non-citizens, eligible for Medicaid, or actually enrolled in Medicaid. Another big chunk earns more than $75,000 a year. And the vast majority of those who lose insurance get it back within a year, about half within months.

Plus, various surveys find that only a tiny fraction — just 5% in the Kaiser survey — say they don’t have insurance because of poor health or age.

But admitting that the real uninsured problem is narrow would have undermined the Democrats’ goal of “comprehensive” health reform. So they routinely withheld such facts — as did the mainstream press, which is equally as enthusiastic about nationalized health care.

These facts help explain the relative indifference among the uninsured to ObamaCare. So far, only about 11% of those who signed up have been uninsured, although nobody knows for how long. The vast majority were just trying to continue coverage they had before ObamaCare came along.

Why should the uninsured bother? Other than threatening a modest tax penalty, ObamaCare gives them little reason to buy coverage. In fact, it practically begs them not to.

First, the plans are far too expensive, thanks to ObamaCare’s regulations, taxes, and benefit mandates. And the subsidies phase out quickly enough that many lower-middle class families will still find they can’t or don’t want to pay the costs.

Second, it won’t take long for those currently uninsured to realize that they are better off putting off the purchase, since ObamaCare guarantees they can get coverage after they get sick, and at subsidized rates.

And third, the law deliberately hamstrings the IRS’s ability to collect the tax penalty, making it a nearly worthless motivational tool.

Ironically, if the uninsured don’t show up at the exchanges, ObamaCare will expose the Democrats’ big lie about them. Then, perhaps, the nation could get busy enacting targeted, market-based health reforms that actually make insurance more affordable, more portable, and more attractive to those who don’t buy it today.

Investor’s Business Daily

January 31, 2014


  1. Anonymous March 17, 2014

    I tried every day for nearly a month to sign up. I kept getting this message after filling out a complete application; ” Our verification system is down please try again in 24 hours.” Next day the same thing after going through the whole application process again. Tried live chat. The person was rude and didn’t help. Told me to contact “Experian” What’s that got to do with it? Called their phone line three times. First time she said she fixed it and to try again. I did , got the same results. Phoned again, this time the different lady did a new application and gave me its number and told me to go back to the web site. , Did that. Got the message my application could not be found. Tried two more times and got this message ” You’ve tried too many times!” Then my log-in was locked out. Each time I tried the website would e-mail me and tell me to try again and remind me of the sign-up deadline. Then they e-mailed and said my account was un-locked. Tried again, got the message I tried too many times! Phoned again. A different lady told me I would have to start completely over. I did, got the message ” Our verification systems are down” All this, and I’m going to be fined because the website does not work for me and their chat people and phone line people can’t do it either. I cannot afford to buy the insurance without a subsidy because if I did I couldn’t pay my other bills. My husband has Parkinson’s disease and needs me home so I can’t just go out and get a job to afford it and we don’t qualify for Medicaid and I can’t spend all day everyday trying to work their unworkable website. I’ve got taxes to prepare now. And the ACA insurance has a 6000 deductible and 40% copay after that so it would bankrupt me anyway if I needed to use it. I would rather negotiate with a doctor/hospital if I had to, which I have in the past when there was an accident and I got the surgery for 6000 dollars and the doctor gave me 30% off. If I would have had insurance the surgery would have been 27000 dollars!!! and I would have had to pay 20% co-pay, So having insurance would have cost me more money when you figure in all the insurance premiums. I carried private insurance over 10 years and they usually found a reason not to pay, after messing with the doctor for over a year. Mo wonder the doctors and hospital will do it cheaper if they don, t have to mess with the denials of the insurance

  2. dennis shelton March 20, 2014

    I completely understand. I worked for over 30 years and became stricken w/ M.S. prior to OBAMACARE . By 2010 when I could work no more in my trade as a heavy equipment mechanic in the construction and refinery industries I lost health insurance also. Now M.S. has progressed to the point of becoming quite a bit MORE serious just to the issue of EVERY DAY mobility. I don’t qualify for welfare and trying to get S.S.I. /disability is worse than pulling teeth! So what does an old guy do when the wife can only afford her own insurance due to the cheapskate nature of employers? I really have NO OTHER CHOICE but to seek out medical treatment through the E.R. when ever I suffer an attack of paralytic spasms and wracking pain in my bones. I’ve worked all my fkn life paid into Social Security /F.I.C.A. Taxes /Medicaid Taxes /Medicare Taxes /and Tax Taxes just for everything else I’ve ever bought and paid up taxes through the wazoo for. What does it come to?…….. THIS?……..This is basically just the SAME DAMN SITUATION AS BEFORE! So I suppose if I get denied for S.S./S.S.I./Mediwhatever and I’m still unable to afford insurance due to being unable to remain employed in my trade what do I do? It’s not like I’m 75 years old or something! I’m fairly middle aged I suppose but my years in age have nothing at all to do with mobility at 48 when I see OTHER 48 year olds still getting around and not wracked w/ pain! The Medication makes it IMPOSSIBLE to work or maintain your sanity and without it the pain and uncontrolled movements and muscle contractions are difficult to deal with . So what does one do in this situation. They told me to go to a CHARITY! After all this I’m now advised to go to a fkn charity with my hat in my hand LOOKING LIKE a bum in the eyes of all my finger pointing accusing FELLOW AMERICANS. Now DO YOU SEE THE REAL PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Donald Killingsworth March 30, 2014

    I know how you feel.It took myself and a Senator to get my SSDI. I got mine before OBAMA CARE. So for you to apply for SSDI,to get all that you need it will take up to two yrs. But you can apply for Medicad now. And should get on it. Yes I know that my wife has told me that it now is technicly OBAMACARE.We are in ND and over in MN the MINSURE is MEDICAD is really OBAMA CARE ! They are being sneaky,. They changed the rules without us having a vote in it.But anyways if you also have COPD or any seriuos limited lung function. They can not deny you SSI and SSDI. It is all fkd up since this A**h** has been in office. And hopfully by 2016 with a new Administration in (HUCKABEE or JINDAL) it will be REPEALED for GOOD. We wish you the best and hope that you can get you pain under control. My wife typed all this and composed it to. She say ck into EASTERN Medicine and Homopathic. Also ck into get a tense unit even if you can buy it out right. you can get it through medicad with a script. We wish you the best for your health and future. if you want to keep in touch you can e-mail me @ cofdon@yahoo.com

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