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Wellness Wonder Team “Teaches” People to Love Obamacare

Breanna Deutsch: With Obamacare facing a rocky roll-out, an activist group has unveiled a “Wellness Wonder Team” with plans to “educate American families about their healthcare options under the Affordable Care Act.”

“Wellness Wonder Team members will let people know about new preventive care and consumer protection opportunities, and also educate people about how they can sign up for new health care coverage under the ACA,” the group, a project of MomsRising, announced in a statement.

The Wellness Wonder Team includes some partner organizations, such as ACORN, Artsy Mamas, The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Feminist.com and Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California.

“MomsRising.org is reaching out to its more than one million members to encourage them to help spread the word about affordable health care options,” the statement said.

Wellness Wonder Team members have their work cut out for them. A recent Fox News poll found that nearly three times as many people (66 percent) feel worried about the health care law compared to the (23 percent) that feel reassured. The anxiety seems to be on the rise, with the number of people feeling worried increasing by 15 percent since July of 2012.

Well over half of American voters, 65 percent, believe the law will increase their healthcare costs. Only 8 percent of voters think their costs will decrease.

Considering these findings it is not surprising that only 44 percent of voters approve of the way the president is managing healthcare, while 55 percent disapprove.

A Gallup poll reached similar conclusions.

According to an Enroll America poll cited by MomsRising, “nearly 80 percent of eligible Americans don’t know about the new health insurance options.” The Fox survey finds that 58 percent of voters want to repeal Obamacare in its entirety.


  1. Alan October 1, 2013

    OH MY GOD! With so many big companies like UPS and Delta cutting benefits BECAUSE OF OBAMACARE, it makes one wonder how so many “smart” citizens and members of Congress can think this “train-wreck” will not wreck our economy!
    Here’s the explanation: Our ‘wonderful’ leader, President Obama refuses to compromise on anything that will interfere with his legacy, period. He makes changes to a law passed by Congress (HIS law) on his own, which according to our checks and balances is ILLEGAL. How many times have we heard “He can’t do that!” He knows this and he does it anyway. He does not care what the people want. He wants his health care legacy. What we have here is a king! Why is EVERY SINGLE Senate Democrat supporting the president instead of listening to their constituents and saving their political futures? The only common sense answer is they are threatened by Obama. Obama is in charge of the same administration who won re-election by using the IRS to silence the opposition! If so many people are against the way Obama is taking over, then WHY AREN’T WE HAVING A CONVENTION OF THE STATES?? That’s in the Constitution for one reason; out-of-control government! For the first time in my 50 year life, I am actually panicked about the future of our country. Look at what’s going on. PAY ATTENTION! Not enough of our youth-our future leaders are! PAY ATTENTION! GET EDUCATED ABOUT WHAT MADE THE USA GREAT and then VOTE!

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