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What Obamacare Means to New Yorkers

What Obamacare Means to New Yorkers


  1. JoeTaxpayer July 11, 2012

    Sorry, that $80K worker has a standard deduction, and exemption, totaling $9750 off the top. Since her State and city tax add to over the $5950 std deduction, she’d itemize, starting with that $7,883 figure, adding her student loan debt, charitable deductions, mortgage interest & property tax if she owns a home (I know better, not in NYC, nevermind.) Still, we’re at $7883+$3800 (exemption) off the top. Hopefully, some more comes off for retirement savings, 10%, or $8000, again, off the top. The numbers miss these points for the high income couple as well. The point is missed when the numbers are just wrong.